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Ayal M. Kaynan, MD Director, Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery Morristown Memorial Hospital
Ayal M. Kaynan, MD
Chief, Section of Urology and Director, Minimally Invasive
& Robotic Surgery,
Morristown Medical Center



Ayal M. Kaynan, MD is a board-certified  urologist, fellowship trained in endourology, laparoscopic & robotic  surgery.  He is committed to urologic  cancer surgery.  After graduating cum  laude from the University   of Pennsylvania, he went  to Duke University School of Medicine to earn his medical degree.  He then went to Mayo Clinic for a surgical  internship, and was recruited to Montefiore Medical Center of Yeshiva  University for post-graduate residency training in urologic surgery. During the course of his residency, Dr. Kaynan committed six months to research bladder cancer at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and six months to clinical urologic oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. After residency, Dr. Kaynan trained as a fellow in endourology & laparoscopic surgery at Stanford University.

During his fellowship, he devoted time to  research in the laboratory at Intuitive Surgical, Inc., then in Mountainview, California.  At that moment in robotic surgical history,  only 15 hospitals world-wide had daVinci Surgical Robots available for clinical  use.  Upon completing fellowship, Dr.  Kaynan joined the Adult & Pediatric Urology Group in Morristown, New Jersey, now a division of Garden State Urology.  He had already begun to perform [non-robotic]  laparoscopic radical prostatectomy – few urologists world-wide have gained  sufficient skill to perform this technically complex procedure without the use  of a surgical robot.  With robotic  surgery and other advanced laparoscopic techniques slowly gaining popularity in  the global urologic community, Dr. Kaynan took sabbatical at leading  institutions in France  as an honorary laparoscopic urologic oncology fellow. (France is several years ahead of the United States  in laparoscopic techniques).

Dr. Kaynan, a partner in Garden State Urology, routinely performs robotic / laparoscopic surgery for  patients with prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer and adrenal tumors.  He is Chief of the Section of Urology at Morristown Medical Center.  He also serves as the Director of Minimally  Invasive & Robotic Surgery there.  He proctors and trains other surgeons learning these techniques.  He also serves as a reference and surgeon for  other urologists with exceptionally difficult cases to manage.

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