Robotic Simple Suprapubic Prostatectomy

DaVinci Simple Prostatectomy is an alternative to resection of obstructive prostatic tissue in patients with symptomatic BPH.  This procedure (and open methods of simple prostatectomy) is used for very large glands that can’t be safely resected by transurethral methods.

In this procedure, the abdominal cavity is accessed with several robotic ports; the bladder is opened to gain access to the prostate; the “pulp” of the prostate, or adenomatous tissue, is removed; and the bladder is then closed.  Unlike radical prostatectomy, in “simple” prostatectomy the capsule to the prostate is left in place. This shell oozes blood after surgery for a period of time requiring a special catheter for continuous irrigation of the bladder to avoid clotting and urinary retention.  Once the oozing subsides, irrigation may be stopped.  Catheter drainage of the bladder continues for 10 days to allow for healing of the bladder.  As a general rule, patients undergoing robotic simple prostatectomy enjoy less blood transfusions, shorter hospital stay, smaller incisions, and less pain compared to patients having open surgery.  Unlike radical prostatectomy, erectile function is typically not disturbed by this surgery; and continence is not usually compromised (though many patients leak urine immediately after surgery for a brief period).

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